Flow Assurance Engineering Training in Nigeria


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This course will provide a platform for all participants to possess the requisite knowledge needed to be able to solve flow assurance challenges.


Flow assurance guarantees uninterrupted transport of production fluids from reservoir to the point of sale. Since it impacts every phase of field development and operations, sound knowledge of flow assurance will result in huge cost savings.
This course will be intensive and it will enable participants to understand key concepts and theories of flow assurance, become conversant with latest developments regarding flow assurance and have detailed understanding of potential challenges to pipeline operations including: surge, corrosion, hydrate formation, wax deposition, slugging etc.
It is the goal of this course that all participants will possess the capacity to offer flow assurance operational support, provide design solutions as well as manage, control or solve flow assurance challenges.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have in-depth understanding of flow assurance in oil & gas field development
  • Understand major problems associated with flow assurance including hydrates, corrosion, paraffins (wax), asphaltenes etc
  • Identify the causes and mechanism of flow impediment and methods of prevention, control and remediation
  • Gain more knowledge on the transient behavior of fluid flow in field operation
  • Attain a high level of competency in flow assurance studies execution
  • Gain confidence in surge analysis execution and how to eliminate scenarios where surge pressures exceed Maximum Allowable Surge Pressure (MASP) per ASME code B31.4

Course Content Summary

Some of the course topics are:

  • Flow Assurance Principles
  • Fluid Composition Analysis
  • PVT Analysis
  • Gas Condensate Pipeline Design
  • Pipeline Design for Heavy Oils
  • Management of Internal and External Corrosion
  • Design of Onshore and Offshore Pipelines
  • Pipeline Depressurization/Blowdown
  • Design and Modeling of Wells
  • Subsea Production Systems
  • Surge Analysis: Methods, Software Tools and Surge Remediation.

NOTE: The forty (40) hours course contains more topics/details than the fifteen (15) hours course.

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