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Mechanical engineers design, analyze and manufacture mechanical tools, equipment and machines to meet industry codes and standards. They are employed in almost all manufacturing sectors.


This course focuses on the mechanical design of process used in the manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical and other process industries in accordance with ASME codes and other standards.
Participants will understand different types of rotating equipment, their operations, and applications. This course will include dummy projects and case studies.
There will be a concentrated focus on details required in each deliverable from a mechanical design engineer.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand general oil and gas/manufacturing industries requirements/deliverable related to mechanical design in projects.
  • Mechanical design engineer’s roles in engineering projects at various levels.
  • Apply relevant industry codes and standards to the mechanical design of equipment used in the process, manufacturing, and other industries.
  • Gain confidence in the development of mechanical engineering deliverable in different projects
  • Understand different types of pumps, compressors, and turbines and their applications

Course Content Summary

Some of the course topics are:

  • Introduction to pipeline engineering design, an overview of oil and gas transportation systems and roles and responsibilities of the Pipeline Engineer
  • Relevant standards/codes, their importance, and applications
  • Mechanical input to process datasheet
  • Understanding mechanical datasheet and preparation of datasheet for different equipment
  • Principles and different applications of Compression
  • Selection of materials for various designs
  • Understanding and producing fabrication drawings for different equipment
  • Preparation of mechanical discipline basis

NOTE: The forty (40) hours course contains more topics/details than the fifteen (15) hours course.

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